My Thoughts Exactly

Sometimes you’ve got to let go of things you hold so dear, because they hold you back in the end. In that spirit My Thoughts Exactly brings you rocking songs about love and loss, bliss and misery, despair and hope. The vocal lines put in personal stories everyone can relate to. Intricate guitar parts give the songs depth and clarity. The rhythm section makes you want to twist, shuffle and bob your head. The new Dutch rock sensation My Thoughts Exactly is ready to hit the stage in 2022 and immerse you into a state of release wherein your restrictions will melt away. 


My Thoughts Exactly is: 


Tom Verburg – Vocals 

Jeroen Schaap – Guitar and backing vocals 

Toni Sprokk – Guitar and backing vocals 

Jochem Jautze – Drums and backing vocals 

Nick Verschoor – Bass